Kim, Eun Hak / Designer

I was born in Busan, South Korea, in 1981. I have a bachelor degree in furniture and industrial art design.
I work with a group at my own studio called, "Eun Hak Kim design studio" as an art director mainly focusing on designing furniture, lights, and living supplies.
As I was learning about "design", I have put more emphasis on handmade arts and crafts than machine-made production.
Purity and natural impressions of folk arts comes before ostentatious decorations. Hence I keep enhancing my current designs favoring handcrafted artworks.


What design means to me

Design is a means to communicate all people
Design is a communicating tool for people. Modern era is a blooming season for countless designs. Designed crafts are being produced unceasingly,
and they are anticipating humans to chose and use them. What would humans think and feel when they use them?
My designs are going to be a medium to connect with the users. I design the parts but always leave some freedom for the users to participate in expressing
themselves through the design. In doing so, the users perceive my thoughts through the design, and they can talk back through the design.
My thoughts are linked to the users' thoughts. Weird shapes or unbalanced colors are insignificant.
We don't evaluate designs by its outlook appearance anymore. If design is unique, its value cannot be determined by its structure.

Easy design

I do not wish my design to be understood as a complex art. I simply want people to understand and feel the same as I do.
Instead of being too revolutionary to provoke “whoa” from people by staring at it for long time, the design has to mingle into our lives.

Folk art
Industrial art is all about craftsmen's skill. They cultivated their finesse in art at the highest state. However, the interaction between the artists and
the general public is impeded. The industrial artists emphasize fancy and luxurious skills rather than the practical functionality.
The tendency of pursuing artsy skills spreads more within the artists these days. They insist on artistry value in their pieces. I value folk art more than the others.
Folk art is people art. It comes from the general people group. In a self-sufficient era, folk art was stylish. It was not as fancy, but it was somewhat captivating.
However, modern folk art is dull. The pieces merely made for money can only be of inferior artistic quality. Among those, the mass production
that imitates old day's folk art is the worst. Probably Amazon tribes would have the most stylish folk art at this point. I do not hate mass production,
but I am allergic to awful mass-produced crafts just for the sake of making profit. I focus on developing folk art rather than industrial art.
It is not elegant or flashy, but it is fashionable without being undervalued. This is what I call the modern motive of folk art in my design.


KOREA art competition winner / 2003
Furniture design exhibition " THE SHIFT " / 2005
1st GAGU guide exhibition / 2006
4th Gyeonggi furniture design contest winner winner / 2006
" Shifting the shameless - lighting of shadow project " / 2007
Team project - " intersection " / 2007
KT & G - 6th Designers party / 2007
Seoul design festival / 2007
Seoul art fair in Busan / 2008
Furniture fair - Furniture framing / 2008
FUN + DESIGN - what is your fun / 2008
More furniture framing - living goods with furniture / 2008
Light project 2008 - light of shadow / 2008
Craft, Craftsman, Craftsmanship / 2008
Floor, wall, ceiling / 2008
Seoul design olympic / 2008
International lighting fair in COEX / 2008
7th Designers party / 2009
Furniture design exhibition / 2009
Eunhakkim 1st solo exhibition - make your own design / 2009
Seoul design olympic / 2009
KOSID Design fair sol sol / 2009
10 Designers exhibition in Clayarch art Museum / 2010
Eunhak Kim 2nd Solo Exhibition - Mutual@furniture.com / 2010
DMY Youngsters - International design festival in Berlin / 2010
Eunhak Kim 3rd Solo Exhibition / 2010
Korea tomorrow - Smart space / 2010
Part, Entire, incomplete in BMM / 2011
Part, Entire, incomplete in H Art gallery / 2011
Exhibition in Artshop in UUL /2011
Group Exhibition in B-E Space Gallery / 2012
Exhibition in L-Store / 2012
A Judge in Califonia dream week /2012
Dream Concert Project Mento / 2012
Boutique BMM_Witch's collection / 2012
I was here_Atelier O / 2013
Directions for using our planet_Space K kolon / 2013
Flat Art fair / 2013
Take Off Korea / 2013
Gwangju Design Biennale / 2013
Tent London / 2013
Home.Table deco fair 2013 / 2013
Craft trend fair 2013 / 2013
Modern times_collabolation with 2Y / 2014
Eternal beauty_Upcyling project_collabolation with illy / 2014
Home & Table deco fair / 2014
Craft platform_2015 / 2015

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